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Our Team


Zahara Green

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers They/Them☆

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Zahara Green is a prominent figure native to Atlanta, Georgia who has made significant contributions to social justice. Zahara has been a vocal advocate for black trans femmes & marginalized communities. Zahara has used her platform to raise awareness about the ways in which different forms of oppression intersect and impact marginalized communities. Zahara has advocated for policy changes, institutional reforms, and social justice movements that promote intersectional approaches to addressing inequity, discrimination, & oppression. Zahara’s activism has aided in the amplification of the voices of marginalized individuals and communities. Zahara is the Founder & CEO of TRANScending Barriers, a black trans-led nonprofit serving the TGNC community in Georgia. This work emphasizes empowerment, solidarity, & and self-realization by promoting self-awareness, healing, and personal transformation. Zahara’s contributions continue to inspire and guide marginalized communities toward revolution, abolition, & liberation. In recognition of Zahara's contributions to community, Zahara was awarded the 2020 Community Activist Award, from the TLDEF Trans Advocacy Awards

& the 2022 Pioneer of Well-Being from the Trans Life Awards.


Dionne Kettl

Pronouns: ​She/Her/Hers☆

Co-Founder & Deputy Director


Dionne was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas, and Lafayette, LA. Dionne is currently studying Human Resource Management at Western Governors University. She has a background in Finance and Administration. She has been an advocate & activist in the Transgender community for over 5 years and has certifications in; HIV Fundamentals from ETR’s Community Impact Solutions, “RAPID” HIV Testing, RESPECT - HIV Counseling Support, and HIV Navigation Services from the Center for Disease Control. Erin is a certified Career Coach through IAP Career College.


Keidera Asejuwa

Pronouns: Ze/Zemme/Zirs 

Director of Programs


Keidera (ze/zemme/zirs) is a black femme, gender-expansive full-spectrum reproductive justice doula. Ze has been actively engaged in birth work and reproductive justice since 2008. Keidera is committed to creating safe, pleasurable birthing, and reproductive experiences for black gender diverse people. Ze ensures LGBTQIA folx know both their sensuality and sexuality are welcome in the space. Ze is currently working with other queer birth workers to build a collective that creates a movement to support LGBTQIA folks in these sacred moments in our lives.

Being directly impacted from the work we do gift us with the passion, knowledge, and expertise to effectively serve our community.



Pronouns: She/Her/Hers☆

     Community Organizer


Diva was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and has an Associates Degree of Science in Health Information Management Technology which she has obtained from Atlanta Technical College. She also holds certifications in; HIV Fundamentals from ETR's Community Impact Solutions, “RAPID” HIV Testing, RESPECT - HIV Counseling Support, and HIV Navigation Services from the Center for Disease Control. La’Tavia is a member of the HIV De-criminalization Subgroup of the National LGBT & HIV Criminal Justice Working Group.

Our Partners

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