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TRANS Peer Empowerment


Our TRANS Peer Empowerment Group meetings are held in LGBTQ+ safe and friendly space to holistically uplift, deter and help with prevention in keeping members of our community from becoming incarcerated due to sex work, survival crimes, and drug abuse. 


The TRANS Peer Empowerment group is designed to lower the rate of survival crimes and reduce new cases of HIV that have devastated the trans community over the last decade.


Through building self-esteem and solidarity, connecting people to resources, eliminating self-doubt, diminishing shame for being in the trans-body, and promoting social interaction in a non-judgmental safe space we make a can make a difference, and so we have.


The TRANS Peer Empowerment group is important because without things programs like this in our community we won't see a difference. When we uplift one another, the possibilities are endless.


"Rebuilding Our Community."

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